cSuite Productivity App

UI Design

Pixel-perfect mocks and specs

The cSuite App is conceived to revolutionize the user experience and utility of the standard email, calendar, document manager app by making the features fit the “spheres” of our digital lives.

The goal was to create a light uncluttered and calm user interface, that provided the user with just the right functionality for the tasks they need perform most. I took high level concepts and distilled them down to implementable user interface designs, pixel-perfect mocks with coordinates, and even assets. Below you can see the pixel-perfect mocks I created to guide the developers on how to implement the design.

Main Menu Design

In cSuite the main menu was designed to be an expanding petal-like flower. The goal of the schematic below was to show the relationship between the central circle area compared to the number of petals.

App Design and Flow